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Top image (Jason Foster filming supercell storms) is copyright Chris Collura and used with permission.
Weather Warrior was born to give identity to one of my biggest passions, Storm Chasing. I often was found battling the worst of mother nature to chase down tornadoes, intercept hurricanes, indure snow storms, dodge hail stones and more. Later, I had added some side work in the media business under the Weather Warrior banner when I contributed to a documentary project with some fellow chaser friends and did occasional stringer work for The Weather Channel. As time passed and various things transitioned, I now find myself moving from hobby to business. Along with that switch came a new identity for my chasing, film, and photography business: Storm∙i∙tecture, which reflects both my passion for weather and architecture (which was my profession for 12 years). Now Weather Warrior is becoming a parent to a larger overall picture as I somewhat consolidate passions and side businesses into one arena. What was Weather Warrior Media is Stormitecture, but Weather Warrior Entertainment is the house in which it all is held. This can be a launch pad for those various ventures both personal and professional.

National Storm Chase Convention
Yearly Summary:
Weather Warrior's Top Ten Weather Destinations
10.  Rainforests of the United States' Northwest coast
9.  Polar Desert in Antarctica
8.  Monsoons in  India
7.  Sand Storms of North Africa
6.  Thunderstorms in the Brazilian Tropics
5.  Water Spouts in the Florida Keys
4.  Winter atop Mount Washington, NH
3.  Typhoons in Asia Pacific
2.  Hurricanes in the Southeast United States
1.  Tornadoes in the Great Plains of the United States

Personally owned vehicles:
*indicates used as a chase vehicle for tornado chasing and/or hurricane intercepts

Automotive Rendering (photoshop) art
Automotive sketches
Automotive Scale Models

some other stuff:

Summit Race Track in West Virginia
(photos from July 23rd 2005)

Car brochures & Magazines for sale

Book & Magazine Reviews
  • Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather (Mike Smith)
  • Storm Chaser (W. Faidley)
  • Tornado Alley (Howie Bluestein)
  • Storm Chaser: A Photographers Journey (Jim Reed)
  • Hurricanes and the  Middle Atlantic States (Rick Schwartz)
Video/DVD Reviews

General Weather
Photo Pages:
  • Sunsets
  • Fall Foliage
  • Skyshots/Clouds/Fog
  • Rainbows
  • Springtime General (incl. Cherry  Blossoms)
  • NWS Sterling, VA Tour
Other Interesting Stuff:

Associate Chasers
Jeff Gammons (StormVisuals)
Chris Collura (sky-chaser)
Amos Magliocco (Cyclone Road)
Doug Kiesling (BNVN)

Main Severe Weather Websites

Storm Prediction Center
National Hurricane Center
National Radar by NWS

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